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Easyspace has been reselling web hosting services for over 10 years via our sister brand Easynic . Easynic allows all types of resellers to sell 'white label' domain names and web hosting via an API.

Easynic has many large well known web hosting companies on our books, as well as hundreds of smaller businesses all getting benefits from low prices and great service.

Please visit our sister site Easynic for more information - or if you would like to speak to our sales team, please contact us today on 0370 757 4400.

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We are interested in speaking to like minded companies who may have opportunities within their sector for the sale of web hosting, domain names or any other Easyspace products and services.

We will always go the extra mile for our partnerships, whether it opportunity for co-sponsorship, or turn key webhosting solutions for specific customer bases. We can help support product development and offer support services for hosting products direct to your market.

Easyspace offers opportunity for growth, high margins and sustainable profitability; we have both the products and the knowhow that could add an extra dimension to your product offerings.

If you are interested in speaking to us about working together - please contact us today on 0370 755 5088.

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easyspace review

June 2019

Great Customer Service

Usually i wouldnt expect the server company to install a Windows Server Instance on a Dedicated Server AND License it for me. BUT EASYSPACE DID! It took a few hours but i received a fully installed and configured version of Windows Server 2016 Standard. They even went as far to setup all of the required network settings required so i could just RDP in after the reinstallation. Also, when i rang them up to request this, it went streight to a person. NO annoying switch boards or anything like that. I have never seen this from a Dedicated Sercer Company and think this is great. Would totally Reccomend Easyspace to family, friends and anyone really. We use them at work and it is the same, amazing customer service and cheap too!