26 Years of Easyspace

A quick look at our website through the years...

Easyspace Limited was founded on the 18th of July 1997. Over the years Easyspace has grown from humble beginnings right at the start of the internet - to where we are today, everything is online - all of the time! Throughout the years we have grown with the times, helping our loyal customers grow with us.

How things have changedThe Easyspace site over the years...

Easyspace 2017 - 20??

2017 >

Time for a new style and a new set of packages to refect our investment in our UK support staff, UK data centres and UK Network.

Easyspace 2011 - 2017

2011 - 2017

Well, that website was live for longer than we expected!

Over the years we have invested heavily and now own our 10 data centres in the UK with a world class network - with support staff where you need them, in the UK and in the data centres.

Easyspace 2007 - 2010

2007 - 2010

New domain names – and a new era.

The Internet as we know it today has emerged, products are mature and Easyspace continues to attract businesses interested in great service great products and excellent value for money.

Easyspace 2003 - 2006

2003 - 2006

A new elephant and our traditional orange & blue colour scheme gets brighter. Easyspace starts to appeal to a much more business orientated market. Our service is world renowned and we are ICANN accredited for domain names.

You can now access your email via the web (webmail) and now get 500Mb of space for your website.

2002 / 2003

2002 / 2003

Spot the elephant! - The 1st incarnation of our beloved elephant appears./

The site is getting more sophisticated, as are the demands of the market. Easyspace broadens its product portfolio and starts to attract resellers and affiliates alike.

The colours are interesting, yes interesting is a polite word !

Easyspace 2000 / 2001

2000 / 2001

25MB of Web space and domain names for £8 per month - how times have changed. Back in 2000 Easyspace had grown - and we also started to use photographs on our website - yes photographs! (We just love the woman in the blue power suit with shoulder pads).

Packages were still in their infancy but this internet thing was starting to catch on....

Easyspace 1997 - 1999

1997 - 1999

It's easy! - Back in 1997/8 our site was representative of the time; very basic with bright colours and packages that suited the capabilities of internet browsers.

The commercial internet was in its infancy, Modems ruled, and downloads were painful! Easyspace started offering personal and business pages to the world...