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What is Web Hosting?


What is Web Hosting? It may seem quite technical, complex and maybe even intimidating, but don’t worry, it’s actually quite simple. If you are planning on setting up a website, then odds are you will need web hosting for it, so it’s something you need to understand.

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Defining your shipping strategy: what to consider?


Each year thousands of online businesses choose Easyspace as their hosting provider. While having robust, secure, reliable and fast hosting is a must for businesses who want to sell online, the fact is it is only one component of a  running a successful website. One factor that often doesn’t get the attention it ought to, is the shipping strategy that an online business will implement once it has set up its online shop. A poor shipping strategy could be very damaging for a business, so it’s crucial that it is carefully thought out, at an early stage of a websites development.

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How to use our backup and restore service for web hosting


Backup and restore works silently in the background making sure your web site is always secure.

Every day we will take a copy of your web site files and any associated databases and give you access to them via your control panel – we keep up to two months worth of data!

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Interview with Kallum Russell of Acorn Enterprise


Kallum “with a K” Russell is the Chief Enterprise Officer of Acorn Enterprise, an organisation dedicated to growing Scotland’s start-up business culture. Kallum is passionate about marketing, small businesses and entrepreneurship. Having launched 4 businesses and had 4 jobs in the 3 years since his graduation, Kallum brings a wealth of practical knowledge gained from working on different projects.

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Selling via price comparison portals and marketplaces


When you are selling via the internet, there’s a huge variety of channels to attract attention to your business. Apart from your online shop there are many other channels, such as marketplaces. In this post, we breakdown the advantages of selling though marketplaces and product portals, plus the possibilities of selling through your ePages shop.

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10 of the best WordPress plugins

WordPress is a free, open source blogging tool and content management system. Using WordPress is one of the easiest & cheapest ways for you to create a powerful, professional website on your own.

A popular feature of WordPress is the ability to add “plugins” to your WordPress website – these are bits of software that you can add on to your website that will give it extra functions, and expand the capability of your site. For example, you could add a plugin that allows you to easily include a poll into your website. This means you don’t have to get involved in creating any complicated code, or have to spend money paying a developer to create one for you – the quick & simple solution is to use a plugin which does it all for you.

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Richard Branson protects his reputation


Billionaire Richard Branson is one of the first amongst a number of celebs & companies who are taking steps to protect their reputation, by registering new top level domains like,,,,, etc.

The new .PORN and .ADULT domain name extensions launched today (4th June 2015). Many brands are following suit, in order to prevent potential negative branding by domain name squatters. For example, Easyspace has already protected and

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Interview with Donna MacLellan, Fundraising Manager at Young Enterprise Scotland


Donna is the Fundraising Manager for Young Enterprise Scotland (YES), where she is involved with raising funds and representing YES externally. Donna told us she is very excited to be working with “some really wonderful and inspiring people at YES and, of course, raising lots of money for the continuation and development of its services”

Donna qualified as a solicitor in 2009 but decided to leave law and focus on working with young people and charities.

Young Enterprise Scotland (YES) is a charity with a mission to inspire young people to learn and succeed through enterprise.

Easyspace recently caught up with Donna for a chat:

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Meet the new Microsoft Office: Office 365


Easyspace is amongst a small number of UK companies that Microsoft have partnered with, who are able to offer the latest version of Microsoft Office: Office 365.

The new version of Microsoft Office – which includes familiar software that you know such as Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, etc – is now sold online, rather than receiving a disk in a box. Continue reading

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Benefits of &


Having a website which can be identified as being British brings numerous benefits. Firstly it helps provide an element of trust to your UK audience – if people are going to type in their bank card details then many of them will be reassured if it’s a British site. Secondly, having a “UK” website helps you be associated with brand Britain – which has its advantages when trying to appeal to a global audience.

If you want to register a UK domain name extension, then make sure you consider getting either a .UK.COM or a .UK.NET. These are both premier UK domain extensions which are trusted, credible and recognised globally. Having one for your website will provide it with a solid foundation upon which to build a successful internet presence.

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