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Secure Cloud Backup & Restore from Easyspace delivers next generation intelligent data backup and recovery to protect your critical data in a simple unified solution. It provides an easy to use and easy manage enterprise-class solution, ensuring that backup and recovery goals are achieved.

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Secure, off-site data backup and recovery - perfect for Servers

Equipped with integrated variable-length deduplication technology, Cloud Backup is an intelligent solution for both physical and virtual environments with application-aware agents deployed regardless of location backing up centrally to secure, UK based data centres. This network of data centres is wholly owned by iomart - (Easyspace's parent company). This allows for both granular and full backups and restores of critical data, whether virtual or physical, with the ability to restore either individual files or entire systems.

Cloud Backup never backs up the same data twice allowing a highly efficient and scalable solution to meet the requirements of protecting yesterdays, today’s and tomorrow’s data.

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Cloud Backup & Restore

Cloud Backup & Restore - Preview

This video gives you a preview of the functionality and control you get with Easyspace Cloud Backup.

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Cloud Backup - Management & Cost

Thanks to our powerful backup interface, you will have FULL control over the configuration and implementation of the Cloud Backup service. You have the ability to create specific backup schedules tailored by time, data set and/or user groups. In addition, the Control Panel provides reports on the storage totals, and the status of any recent backups. The web-accessed Control Panel can also be used to perform data restores simply and rapidly as required.

Cloud backup is both efficient and inexpensive, using Avamar from Dell EMC, . Cloud Backup never backs up the same data twice!

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on-site backup
Off-site backup

Enterprise managed-backup

Enterprise managed-backup allows for both on-demand and scheduled backup without the need for your own personal scripts. Representing a complete, worry-free solution, Easyspace staff will create, customise and monitor backup plans. Bare-metal recovery options are available for a full, enterprise level backup solution.

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