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Easyspace offers private domain names, websites, and email services. We offer all the latest domain names at competitive prices.

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Choose your dream domain name, secure the web address you've always wanted, and get access to our excellent domain features.

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We make it easy to get online and enhance your ideal domain name with services such as email (including Microsoft Office 365) and Web Hosting.

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Easyspace's UK data centres

UK Data Centre Infrastructure

Just like the elephant, we never forget our customers. Easyspace owns and manages 10 of its very own Data Centres throughout the UK. With multiple Tier 1 transit providers, dual power supplies, best-of-breed Cisco technology, and support for fibre and copper gigabit connections, your dedicated server will be housed in one of the most secure and resilient data centres in the UK.

Data Centres
Easyspace's UK data centres

Complete WHOIS Privacy

Easyspace Complete Domain Privacy stops your domain registration details from being made available to 3rd parties. Complete WHOIS Privacy is not available for every single type of domain name extension. It’s most commonly used for .coms and .nets and comes free of charge with UK domains.

Complete WHOIS Privacy information
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Free Web Forwarding

Already built your website on another domain and want to point a secondary domain toward it? No problem. Simply use the Easyspace Web Forwarding to point your new domain name towards your existing domain name.

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Free Email Forwarding + Free Trial of EasyMail

If you already have your professional email set up on your main domain, or you want to use Gmail or Yahoo mail, Easyspace Email Forwarding allows you to send everything to one convenient place.

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Secure Domain Forwarding - now available

Forward any domain name over SSL with the Easypace Secure Domain Forwarding product.

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Free Management Control Panel

The Easyspace Control Panel was engineered with simplicity and speed in mind. We only show you links to services that you have - we like to keep things tidy. You can carry out practically every change you can think of yourself - without needing to pick up the phone.

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Full DNS Management

You get complete control of your domain with Easyspace, and that includes extensive Domain Name System (DNS) Management options - TTL options, adding A records or MX - or even a CNAME can all be done quickly and easily. We also have Bulk Management tools available, so if you need to update lots of domains at once, it can be done in seconds.

>Domain Protect (DNSSEC) icon

Domain Protect (DNSSEC) - now available

Domain Protect (DNSSEC) from Easyspace gives you and your users an unbreakable chain of trust from a user typing in your address, to seeing your website.

MX control icon

MX Record Control

Short for mail exchange record, the MX record is an entry in a domain name database that identifies the mail server responsible for handling emails for that domain name.

Sometimes, an MX record is entered for a domain name that is using more than one mail server. Here, the MX record can be prioritised with a preference number that shows the order in which the mail servers should be used. This enables the use of primary and backup mail servers.

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Extensive Support Service

Easyspace Support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Your online control panel contains a raft of pre-written answers in our Knowledgebase. But if that doesn't quite cut it, you can Ask a Question at any time and our team will get back to you as quickly as possible.

In a rush? Just pick up the phone during our telephone support opening hours and someone will be on hand to help you out.

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Reliable Domain Name Registration

Easyspace is one of the largest group hosting companies and domain name registrars in the UK. We have been helping people and businesses get their domain names registered for over 26 years.

easyspace review

August 2022


I have never come across a company which gives better telephone support than easyspace. Their staff are always helpful and willing to go the extra mile.

The Easyspace promise Low prices with UK-based support

How much do domain names cost?

Domain Extension: COST (EXCLUDING vat)
.COM £13.59 for 1 year
.CO.UK £8.15 for 1 year
.UK £8.15 for 1 year
.NET £15.49 for 1 year
.ORG £15.99 for 1 year
.INFO £20.99 for 1 year
.LONDON £34.99 for 1 year
.TEL £19.99 for 2 years
.SCOT £34.99 for 1 year
.WALES £14.99 for 1 year

Domain Privacy and Secure Web Hosting

Protect your registration details online with Domain Privacy for only £6.50 per domain per year. Get your website up and running with web hosting from as little as £3.84 per month.

Over 500 Different Domain Extensions

Secure the domain extension of your choice. At Easyspace, we can register over 500 different country code domain extensions for you. For extensions not listed on our Price List, please contact our sales team on 0370 755 5088.

Prices change according to the domain you choose

What is the cost?

As you would expect, it's low. How many other key business tools cost less than £8.15 per year?

See our full price list

Why Do Domain Extensions Matter?

Domain extensions affect how your customers and audience view your website. They add to your website’s overall first impression.

For example, many internet users prefer visiting websites with .com, .net, and .org domain extensions. They are perceived as more trustworthy and are less likely to be spam sites.

.coms are usually snapped up the fastest. If your desired .com isn't available, you can register generic top level domains like .net and .org, or a country-specific version, like the UK domain .uk.

Domain extensions can also influence your website's search results rankings. For instance, when you use a country code specific top level domain, like .uk, .ca, and .us. Using these top level domains means your website is more likely to be shown to audiences in a particular location or region.

Choose the Right Domain Extension

.com .info .uk

Personalised domain name benefits

Premium domains mean premium business

Secure a domain that matches your brand name, business, or idea. You’ll improve your credibility with customers and protect your identity.

Boost Your Exposure with an Online Presence

Increase your visibility and recognition by using personalised web addresses.

Reach Your Target Audience

Increase your ranking on search engines and tap into your ideal customer base. Whether you need a UK domain for your British business or several generic domain extensions, you'll be able to reach your ideal audience in hardly any time at all.

"We have multiple domains that need to be managed to ensure safety and security at all times. Easyspace provides a managed service that provides us with this support."

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"Reliable email hosting is incredibly important because our demographic is young, so people log on at any time. Also, as we grow an international network, it’s important that people in different countries and time zones can get on the website at any time" We Are The Future

Domain Name QuestionsUseful domain name information

  • How do I register a domain name?

    The first step is to search for one. We provide a very quick and simple domain name search engine here.

    Find your preferred domain name - the one that matches your idea, brand, or your identity, and follow our simple sign-up process.

  • How do Domain Names Work?

    A domain name is a 'friendly' name for a set of numbers called IP addresses. A system called DNS (Domain Name System) keeps track of which friendly name matches which IP address.

    A domain name makes it easier for users to find information online, send emails, and above all, it can give you an identity, so that you're not just a set of numbers.

  • How long do I own a domain name?

    The maximum domain registration period is 10 years. But, as long as you keep renewing your domain name, you will always have the ability to use it. If you decide NOT to keep paying for it, it will go on the open market for other people to use.

  • How do I renew my domain name?

    If your domain comes up for renewal, you can renew it via the Easyspace control panel, You also have the option to select auto renew, which safeguards customers' valuable domain names and hosting packages.

  • What types of renewal does Easyspace offer?

    Easyspace offers both manual renewals and auto renew. Customers can choose to manually renew services via the Control Panel. Auto renew is selected by default but can be easily changed in the Control Panel.

  • Can I renew over the phone?

    Yes, you can renew all services by calling our sales and renewals department on 0370 755 5088.

  • Can I renew online?

    Yes, you can manually renew your services from the “Packages >> Upcoming Renewals” section of the reseller control panel

  • Do you offer Auto Renewal services?

    Yes, this can be managed via the “Packages >> All Packages” section of the Control Panel. Auto renewal is set to "on" by default.

  • How will I know if my domain needs to be renewed?

    We will send you a renewal reminder 60 days before the renewal date of your domain name. We do offer an auto renewal service and encourage customers to enable this feature in the control panel.

  • How can I assign different contacts or companies to a domain name?

    This can be fully managed in the Control Panel. Simply select a domain to manage, then click on "Whois Contact Details...".

  • What are the different contacts relating to domain names?

    There are 4 different contacts assigned to a domain name.

    1. Registrant Contact – this is the organisation or person that owns the domain
    2. Admin Contact – this is the person who deals with non-technical matters relating to the domain (legal matters, ownership changes, etc).
    3. Technical Contact – this person deals with technical matters relating to your domain, usually the webmaster.
    4. Billing Contact – this person handles billing issues on your account.
  • Do you offer full phone technical support?

    Yes telephone support is available on 0370 755 5066 Monday – Friday 09:00 until 17:30. We also offer support via tickets 24x7.

  • How can ensure my registration details are hidden?

    Opt in to our Domain Privacy service at signup or within the Easyspace Control Panel. This will hide the registration details from the WHOIS database.

  • What is DNS?

    DNS (Domain Name System) can be described in simple terms as a telephone directory for your domain. It identifies how your domain name works and translates a range of numbers (IP addresses) into a human-readable format.

  • How can I modify the DNS for a domain?

    We offer full DNS control in the Control Panel.

  • How long does it take for DNS to update?

    DNS should update instantly, however, it can take up to 24 hours to propagate over the internet. We do offer full TTL (Time To Live) control, which, once set up, can allow you to make changes within 1 hour.

  • What are Name servers?

    Name servers identify where your DNS is located. In simple terms, it’s the database that controls your DNS.

  • How do I modify the name servers for my domain name?

    Your name servers can be updated via the Control Panel - simply select a domain name to manage, then click on "Name server Settings...".

  • My domain name is registered with another company, can I transfer it to Easyspace?

    Yes, you can transfer your domain to Easyspace from your control panel, free of charge.

  • How do I transfer .uk domains to

    Contact your existing domain registration company and ask them to amend the IPS tag to EASYSPACE.

    Then simply raise a transfer request from the control panel, or visit the Easyspace Domain transfer pages by clicking here.

  • How long will it take for a domain name the transfer to complete?

    UK domain names can take 24 hours to come into our control once your existing domain registrar has updated the IPS tag.

    Other domain names require you to unlock the domain name and request an authorisation code from your existing domain registrar. Easyspace will then send a transfer request.

    The transfer will take up to 7 days to complete after the transfer request has been approved with the authorisation code.

  • What is the Easyspace IPS-Tag?

    The Easyspace IPS tag is EASYSPACE