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Easyspace, Lister Pavilion, Kelvin Campus, Glasgow, G20 0SP

Protect your personal details from spammers, nuisance callers and data miners for just £6.50 per year

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Unfortunately this domain name is not registered with Easyspace, so we cannot sell you Domain privacy at this time. In order to take advantage of this service, please register a domain name with Easyspace, or transfer your existing domain name to us.

Supported domain extensionsWho can use Domain Privacy?

If you are the owner of a domain name with one of the extensions below, then you could benefit from Domain Privacy (in alphabetical order).

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If you are unsure about your searches, try our standard domain name search or premium domain search.

Alternatively contact us or call our friendly sales team at 0370 755 5088 who will be happy to help with finding the perfect domain name for your website.

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Easypace Domain PrivacyProtect your personal details online

Protect your personal details against spam, scams, fraudulent domain transfers and identity theft with Private Domain Registration for just £6.50 per year!


Domain Privacy for existing domains

You can purchase Domain Privacy for your existing domain names via the Easyspace control panel. Simply login and search for your existing domain and add Domain Privacy at Domain Management section.

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Domain Privacy for new domains

Domain Privacy for new domain names can be enabled prior to checkout during the domain registration process. Simply enable "WHOIS Privacy Service" and process to complete your purchase!

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WHOIS Opt-out for .uk and .eu domains

Easyspace's WHOIS Privacy is not yet available for .uk domain names. "WHOIS opt-out" service for .uk and .eu domain extensions is only available to non-trading individuals, allowing you to retain your domain name without having to expose your personal information to the public!

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How WHOIS worksDomain Privacy Example:

Below is an example of how Easyspace's WHOIS Privacy works, instead of displaying your personal contact details in a 'Whois' search- we protect your details and replace them with our contact details, giving you peace of mind and privacy. You still retain a full ownership of your domain name!

Use our domain name Whois Search to see what details are returned for your domain!

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Private domain registration with Domain Privacy


  • Easyspace Privacy
  • Lister Pavilion
  • Kelvin Campus
  • West of Scotland Science Park
  • Glasgow
  • G20 OSP
  • 0370 755 5088

Domain Privacy FAQsAnswers to Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Domain Privacy?

    Domain Privacy is a brand new addition to our security range, designed to conceal your domain registration information and help protect your personal details against misuse.

  • How does Domain Privacy work?

    Domain Privacy works by replacing your personal details, such as address, telephone number, etc with Easyspace’s own details.

  • Who can use Domain Privacy?

    Any customer with a .com, .net, .org, .info, .me, .biz, .tv, .cc or .name, .me or .co domain name can benefit from the peace of mind Domain Privacy brings.

  • For how long can I protect my domain name?

    Domain Privacy can be applied to your domain for any period from 1 to 10 years, on a per month basis, per domain name. For example, if your domain is registered.

    Also, if you purchase Domain Privacy now, it can be easily extended when you renew your domain.

  • Can I protect my existing domain?

    Yes, Domain Privacy can be added to your existing registrations, to domains that you are transferring to Easyspace and to new domain registrations.

  • How do I purchase Domain Privacy?

    If you wish to add Domain Privacy to existing domains simply follow these instructions:

    • Login to you Easyspace Control Panel.
    • Search for domain names that you wish to protect.
    • Remember you may enable Domain Privacy for following domain extensions: .com, .net, .org, .info, .me, .biz, .tv, .cc, .name, .me or .co.
    • In the Domain Management section, click “Buy Now” next to Domain Privacy.
    • Proceed to checkout and done!
  • How do I activate Domain Privacy?

    Once you have purchased Domain Privacy, you will receive a confirmation email. Your Domain Privacy details will be immediately replaced with the Easyspace proxy details.

  • What if my domain is set to auto-renew?

    If your domain is set to auto-renew, your Domain Privacy service will also auto-renew with your domain, for minimum hassle.

  • Can I purchase private domain registration?

    Yes, you can protect your identity during domain registration process.

    • Search for your domain name.
    • Simply add “Domain Privacy Service” during the registration process.
    • Proceed to checkout and complete purchase.
    • Done!
  • Can I protect my contact details on .uk and .eu domains?

    Yes you can protect your .uk and .eu domains. If you have .uk and .eu domain name and you are a non-trading individual (i.e. not a business), then you can hide your WHOIS details with “WHOIS opt-out” service specifically designed for .uk and .eu domain names.

  • How do I protect my .uk and .eu domain names?

    Simply raise a ticket via Easyspace control panel with full details of your domain name and we will automatically apply whois opt-out for specified domain registrations.

    • Login to your Easyspace control panel
    • Go to “Support” section and “Ask a Question”
    • Specify your domain name and done.
    • We will do the rest.
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