.jobs domain names

For only £145 per year, a .jobs domain name is a quick and easy way to get those candidates to the careers section of your website with minimum fuss for both them and you!

Having a .jobs domain name allows you to create a website dedicated to employment at your organisation, which in turn can help you get found by potential employees on search engines.

Ultimately, your .jobs domain could save you money on your advertising costs – is easy to remember and ideal for using in adverts.

Unsuccessful applications will receive a refund of £69

Available from only £0/pa

Getting StartedHow to apply for a .Jobs domain name

All applications for .jobs domains will be validated by the .jobs registry, Employ Media. At the time of registration, you will be asked to submit your company's URL in order for the registry to evaluate your request.

If more information is required, then we will contact you to let you know what needs to be provided.

.jobs has been designated specifically for hiring managers in every business. It's for those tasked with communicating employment opportunities at their organization along with those managing other human resource elements in their business. The format is simply:

Validation by the registry is in place to protect the .jobs domain from cyber-squatters and domain prospectors – in effect keeping .jobs solely for what it is intended.

.jobs is a restricted name space.

.jobs are only available to those who meet the following criteria:

  • Tasked with hiring or other HR duties on behalf of their own employer organization;
  • Authorised to purchase their on behalf of their employer organization;
  • Who agree to abide by the .jobs Use Policies; and
  • Who agree to abide by the SHRM Code of Professional Ethics

Further InformationRestrictions and Policies

The .jobs domain usage policy

Your domain must be used for human resources ("HR") related purposes, and particularly for the purpose of promoting the HR interests of your own company (such as your own hiring needs).

You are responsible for the usage of your domain at all times during the period of your registration.

In the event of any violation of this or Easyspace's acceptable use policy, we reserve the right to revoke, suspend, terminate, cancel of otherwise modify your rights to your domain name.

You many not use your domain for:

  • Spam
  • Adult content (i.e. pornography)
  • Cybersquatting
  • Job aggregation (i.e. third-party job listings)
  • Any purpose prohibited by law
  • Identity theft, phishing, hacking or distribution of viruses
  • Defaming, embarrassing or harrassing third parties
  • Any act of fraud

.jobs domain reserve list policy

The .jobs reserve list policy includes the following product categories.

  • Occupational and industry - e.g.,,
  • Geographic - e.g.,,
  • ICANN Reserved - e.g.,,
  • Other generics - e.g.

Domains in these categories are either registry-reserved or otherwise reserved from registration, names reserved into any of the above categories are not available for registration in the category.

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