Who should register a .GURU?Show off your knowledge...

.guru domain names

If you or your business are able to provide specialist knowledge or services, then the .guru domain extension is just what you need.

Having a .guru domain for your website will immediately help your visitors to recognise that you are a specialist and that they have come to the right place.

Why register a .GURU

  • Suggests that your website provides specialist knowledge
  • Signals that you are an expert
  • Helps to give you credibility & authority
  • Fun, eye-catching and easy to remember

Available for only £41.32/pa

Own an unforgettable domain

Your website is your shop front to the world, so make it unique, make it stand out. Make sure your website rises above your competitors.

When you register a .GURU domain with Easyspace you will have a specialised name which instantly describes what your website is about.

Register your .GURU domain

Thousands of people have chosen Easyspace to help get them online. By registering a .GURU domain you will help boost the popularity of your website.

Are you a business guru? Are you a sports guru? Can you provide solutions to people in your market? Are you an expert? Are you a leader in your sector? Prove it by registering your .guru domain today. Don’t let somebody else beat you to it!