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Struggling to find an available .com domain? Then why not consider a country specific .com domain name for just £29.99 per year? CentralNic domains, also known as country specific domain names, merge the world’s most recognizable TLDs, .com and .net, with national identifiers, such as .uk, .eu and .de, to create powerful domain extensions with twice the benefits of a regular domain name extension.

CentralNic domains such as, etc. are easily located by both local and global customers and search engines, and have been selected by high profile companies worldwide as the ultimate foundation on which to develop an online presence.

With many excellent names available across CentralNic domains, they offer consumers the luxury of establishing a business name based on a great idea rather than domain name availability. Plus, they are entirely restriction free – no residency requirements mean that anyone can register as many as they wish!

Give your web presence the best chance at success with a CentralNic domain. With over 25 to choose from, covering Europe, USA, Asia and the Middle East, your ideal domain awaits!

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United Kingdom
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The BenefitsStand out with a memorable .UK.COM address

UK.COM is the UK's premier domain extension offering excellent domain names together with both the local identifier "UK" and the superior global visibility of ".COM". Used by everyone from Microsoft to Radiohead, UK.COM is credible, recognizable and trusted - the perfect foundation on which to build a successful online presence.

Whether you want to tell the world that you are British or access the massive buying power of the British market, you will find the domain name you want on UK.COM.

Be seen with a .UK.COM Domain

Websites published on UK.COM domains very often occupy prime position in search results in the UK.

Opinions vary as to whether this is because the smartest web publishers choose .UK.COM domains or whether it is UK.COM's powerful combination of the global preference for .com and the regional specificity of UK that contribute most to the remarkable search engine rankings achieved by .UK.COM websites.

Register your .UK.COM domain today!

.UK.COM Domain allows you to:

  • Combine your ".uk" identity with the ".com" ending that allows high search engine ranking around the world.
  • Register 2 character domains such as,,, - the most valuable addresses on the internet!
  • Get the domain name that you want and that will drive the most success for your company.
  • Protect your trademark - Instill confidence in your website in the UK consumer market(without neglecting the rest of the world!
  • Get valuable keywords, place names and short domains!

UK.COM is owned and operated by CentralNic, the world's longest-running commercial domain name registry, and the only registry to launch two new domain extensions in 2010. 15 years of continuous 100% availability has made CentralNic the global domain name registry with the best track record for reliability and security.