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.Bid domain name extensions

A .bid domain name is the ideal extension for websites involved in online auctions. It will help your website stand out – people will immediately know what type of website it is, which will enable you to target the best audience.

Why register a .BID

  • Best choice for online auctions and market place sites online
  • With a .BID a website stands out from the broad auction-related content found across the Internet
  • Clear benefits to auctioneers, buyers and sellers
  • Short & constructive

Available for only £29.99/pa

Still not sure?Who should register a .BID?

Auctions & bidding are incredibly popular online. Sites such as ebay and Alibaba have helped people feel comfortable bidding for goods and services. It’s essential that buyesr & sellers have complete confidence when doing business online. A .bid can provide a dedicated, trusted online space for auction platforms and markeketplace websites.

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