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* Many of our pre-built dedicated servers have been given free SSD upgrades 

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Why use EasyspaceUK Data centre infrastructure

Just like the elephant, we never forget our customers. Easyspace owns and manages 10 of its very own Data centres throughout the UK. With multiple Tier 1 transit providers, dual power supplies, best of breed Cisco technology and support for fibre and copper gigabit connections, your dedicated server will be housed in one of the most secure and resilient data centres in the UK.

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Dedicated Server Management Managed Server Monitoring

Designed for people who want their online services to be managed by our experts, so they don’t have to worry about maintenance, updates, upgrades and renewals. Our Dedicated Server management packages can be applied to all of our servers, and we can tailor your solution to suit your budget. From Security hardening, through to fully managed solutions.

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Dedicated Server FAQsGuides, articles and useful dedicated server information

  • How often is the list of servers updated?

    The dedicated server list is updated in real-time.

  • Are the servers that are displayed really first come first served?

    Yes, if two customers decide at the same time to buy the same server, the fastest person through the checkout will get the server.

  • How quickly can I start using the server?

    As servers are pre-built and ready to go – we just need to install your chosen Operating System and process your order.

  • Can I choose which Operating System/Control Panel to install on the server?

    Yes, once you click on buy now – you will be given the following choices for customisation...

    • Operating System (a full choice including Windows & Linux)
    • Control Panel (Plesk or cPanel)
    • Port Speed (100Mbit or 1Gbit)
    • Management options (Managed)
    • Anti-virus (Enterprise Anti-Virus)
    • Server Backups (off-site or Avamar)
  • Can I change the specifications e.g. RAM /RAID in the server?

    If you prefer to have a custom build, to your exact specifications, then we recommend our custom build dedicated servers, please click here to browse.

  • I am a reseller, is it possible to have a range of my own specification of dedicated servers, pre-racked and ready to go?

    Yes, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

  • Can I change the data centre location for the server?

    If you have requirements for a specific datacentre location – please contact us to discuss requirements, we have various options available.

  • Are there any bandwidth restrictions on the servers?

    No – all of our dedicated servers come with unlimited bandwidth as standard.

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easyspace review

January 2017

Buying more domains on the phone

The staff are polite, friendly and professional. I have already recommended Easyspace to others form previous interactions over the years. I have bought a couple of domains in the past and the service level is even better now. Never had a problem. I use them for personal and for business under different accounts and have no problems using Easyspace. If they don't know something they will go and find out and call me back - as all companies should. The only thing I can spot that would improve the service is the quality of the phone line. It's a bit crackly I noticed at first - but it either disappeared or I didn't hear it - so it's not a major problem. Maybe it should be checked out.I am considering the hosting side of things and potentially expanding the depth of services with easyspace. Even when domain name renewal is due they will email you first and then call before the expiry date to ensure you don't lose the domain. This is important.A work colleague first recommended Easyspace to me about 15 years ago. You get the straightforward professional conversation - not so much of the sales patter you can get from some other companies. All good stuff - keep it up.

Phil Jones