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Easyspace launches superfast WordPress Hosting

Easyspace launches superfast WordPress Hosting


If you run a website yourself or are thinking about setting one up, then odds are you have heard of WordPress. It is an extremely powerful and flexible content management system that is used by millions of people & businesses to set up their websites. WordPress was first released back in 2003 and quickly became popular with bloggers, but over the years it has also become popular with many businesses, including companies such as eBay, GM and Reuters News.

WordPress is used by over 60 million websites, as well as more than 23.3% of the top 10 million websites worldwide, as of January 2015. It’s popularity continues to grow, as more & more people discover how easy it is to create a powerful, yet easy to manage website with WordPress.

Easyspace is delighted to announce the launch of our new WordPress Hosting package. This hosting package has been specially created for WordPress websites – offering our users superior performance for their websites, including extremely fast page loading speeds – which will keep your website visitors very happy.

This business class hosting comes with 100% uptime and unlimited website traffic/bandwidth, plus 20GB IMAP email space. If you are new to WordPress then no need to worry – we will install it all for you – letting you concentrate on creating the content for your website.


Full Backup & Restore included for free

Best of all our new WordPress Hosting package includes Daily Backups – including a restore function. For more tech savvy users it of course lets you access your hosting via FTP and phpMyadmin, backed up by our 24×7 UK Support.

Maybe you’re thinking “Don’t other companies do this for free?” No!! Lots of companies advertise backups as ‘included’ – but what they don’t tell you is you won’t have access to the data and will usually charge you to restore a backup. Even worse, you will have to phone their support line, and then get passed onto to the technical department – which means time and effort on your part. With Easyspace’s new WordPress Hosting your backups & restores can now all be done with just a click of a button – with us it’s that simple.

What they also don’t mention is that backup is usually only for a rolling 24hrs – so if your site is broken on the Friday evening, and you don’t notice till Monday afternoon you now have a backup of a broken web site! With Easyspace WoprdPress Hosting you won’t have to worry about Backups & Restores should anything ever go wrong with your website – we’ve got you covered.



All of our customers who choose our WordPress Hosting package will have hosting that is built on NGINX – the world’s most popular web server for WordPress websites. It currently powers 1 in 3 of the world busiest websites – including sites such as Groupon and Warpwire:

NGINX is extremly powerful, offering high-performance functionality, which means your WordPress website will run ultra fast, with amazing responsiveness for your website visitors.


What next?

If you want a super fast WordPress website with full Daily Backups included then our new WordPress Hosting is exactly what you need. Whether you’re looking to set up a website as a hobby or for your start up business, this flexible package is suited to a wide variety of customers – no matter what your business size or market your targeting – we can help you set up and manage a successful website.

If you want to run a WordPress website that will always meet the needs of your website visitors – now and for years to come, then our new NGINX WordPress Hosting package is a wise investment

Any questions? Contact us today, we’re happy to answer any queries you may have. Call us on 0370 755 5088 or if you want to get started right now, just visit: WordPress Hosting.