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Benefits of &

Benefits of &


Having a website which can be identified as being British brings numerous benefits. Firstly it helps provide an element of trust to your UK audience – if people are going to type in their bank card details then many of them will be reassured if it’s a British site. Secondly, having a “UK” website helps you be associated with brand Britain – which has its advantages when trying to appeal to a global audience.

If you want to register a UK domain name extension, then make sure you consider getting either a .UK.COM or a .UK.NET. These are both premier UK domain extensions which are trusted, credible and recognised globally. Having one for your website will provide it with a solid foundation upon which to build a successful internet presence.

A great website needs a great domain name – and that’s where either a .UK.COM or a .UK.NET can help. Such domain extensions offer you the opportunity to have your website rank successfully in search engines. You can achieve impressive SEO results by having a .UK.COM or a .UK.NET. The higher your website ranks on search engines such as Google, then the more traffic your site will generate. For example: has a number 3 search engine position ( and a multibrand .com website) for one of the most competitive search terms on the internet – “cosmetics”. has a number 1 ranking for the term “hotels uk”.

When it comes to SEO, extensions such as .UK.COM or a .UK.NET can sometimes have an advantage against other extensions such as a .CO.UK, since they can show in general search engine results in many countries, thanks to their .com or .net component. Whereas with an extension such as a i.e. domains ending with country codes, they hardly ever appear in search results outside of that country.

Domain extension such as .UK.COM or .UK.NET. can still offer you the opportunity to register a name of your choice – so there is no need to compromise like you might have to do with a .com or due to their popularity. You can get a name that stands out and will help get your website noticed. A unique, memorable domain name with a .UK.COM or a .UK.NET will help get you noticed.


Numerous people – and businesses – are turning to extensions such a .UK.COM for there website. For example, is a restaurant chain that started in London and 10 years later has expand and now has 39 branches, with one in New York, USA soon to open. This successful business which has a solid UK base and is now expanding internationally, has chosen a .UK.COM.

If you want to stand out with a unique web address and enable customers to find you easily, then having a short, memorable and valuable domain name is a must. Investing in a .UK.COM or .UK.NET is a wise choice that will pay dividends in years to come.


One person who was happy they chose a .UK.COM was creative designer Lisa Long, the owner of bespoke typographic art website Lisa, and her small team of talented designers in Berkshire, UK, have created an award-winning global brand, commissioned by thousands of customers around the world.

“I wanted a domain name that would allow me to build the brand to achieve a page 1 ranking in top search engines such as Google… I am proud that we’ve achieved this tough task, helped by our .UK.COM web address ”

Lisa Long –

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