Easyspace has announced a discount of 25% off country-specific addresses from the CentralNic domain registry. This includes the popular uk.com and gb.com, which are often used by companies as a credible alternative to TLDs which have already been taken.

CentralNic was established in 1995 as an independent global domain name registry. It uses the top level .com, .net and .org structure to offer regional domain names which are particularly useful for users in countries where domain names are difficult to obtain due to restrictive domain regulations. Easyspace are one of 1500 registrars worldwide who offer these domains, which include.uk.com, .eu.com, .de.com, .us.com, .gb.com and .uk.net.

Customers can manage their domains through an easy to use control panel, which offers admin features such as name server controls and web redirection.

A company spokesperson commented, “For companies who have already seen their preferred brand or trading domain names snapped up as a TLD, these country specific addresses are a decent alternative. They are also well worth considering for businesses who are looking to protect their brand identity.”

“This offer means that it has never been more affordable to add a country specific TLD to your portfolio. We would, however, remind customers that the offer is only available until the 7th of January so interested parties should place their order as soon as possible, or risk losing out.”