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Registering CentralNic Domain Names

Registering CentralNic Domain Names

CentralNic domain names offer an alternative to the existing gTLD’s (top level domain names) and ccTLD’s (country code top level domain names) allowing the creation of a local and global online identity.

gTLD (top level domain names) such as .com, .net .info, .biz and .org are used by individuals, businesses and non-profit organizations to identify themselves on the internet, and each country in the world has its own country code TLD (ccTLD), such as .uk for United Kingdom, .us for United States, .eu for Europe etc.

CentralNic domain names use the .com and .net structure to offer additional regional and country code specific domain names, an inexpensive solution for creating easily identifiable internet addresses worldwide. These domain names are particularly useful for online uses in countries where domain names are difficult to obtain due to restrictive domain regulations.

CentralNic domain names have a wide appea to individuals and companies seeking to define an online identity in a region or country where they intend to establish or expand their businesses, or for any other reasons. Users often turn to CentralNic domain names when a conventional gTLD’s such as .com, .net or ccTLD’s such as .uk, .de, .uk domains has already been taken.

So, whether you want to establish a business or personal website, there are no restrictions when you purchase CentralNic domain names. If you have missed out on the opportunity to register .uk, .us, .de, .eu etc, with CentralNic domain names you will get a second chance to get the domain that you desire.

Get your domain name you want with .com extension: – Brazil – Norway – China – Quebec – Germany – Russia – European Union – Saudi Arabia – Great Britain – Sweden – Great Britain – Sweden – Hungary – United Kingdom – Japan – United Kingdom
.la – Los Angeles – United States – Uruguay

CentralNic domain names are available for registration though for just £25pa!