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Easyspace launch Park ‘n’ Profit

Easyspace launch Park ‘n’ Profit

Easyspace launch Park ‘n’ Profit – Earn money through your domains!

Easyspace, one of the largest web service providers in the UK, has launched a new Park ‘n’ Profit domain name service designed specifically to offer users a one-stop registration and parking service, allowing customers to earn money through their Easyspace domains.

While all domains bought with Easyspace already include free Pay Per Click advertising credits from Google and Yahoo, as well as a number of other features, the new Park ‘n’ Profit service will allow domain owners to offset the cost of their domains via keyword targeted advertising.

The Park ‘n’ Profit service allows users to add, optimise and remove domain names from their existing Easyspace account in just a few simple steps, allowing their domains to earn click advertising revenue with little effort.

With the correct optimisation for tailored advertising, customers could find themselves covering the full annual costs (and more) of their domain, reducing the cost implication worries of buying multiple domain extensions.

Errol Vanderhorst, Sales and Marketing Director at Easyspace, commented “From our understanding, this is the first service available in the UK where users can register and monetise a domain name through one single provider. While we already offer other free additions with each domain, as well as comprehensive support and low costs, Park ‘n’ Profit really does offer domain customers a fantastic opportunity to cover the annual costs of their domain names.”

“The system is very simple to use and is a logical step in service provision given that Easyspace is already one of the largest domain providers in the UK.”

Monetising domain names usually involves the use of two different providers, one through which a domain is registered and another through which a registered domain name is parked. Park ‘n’ Profit allows users to register new domains, or transfer domains, then optimise advertising all from a single control panel.

The new Park ‘n’ Profit system is free to use with signup available for domains bought through Easyspace and domains transferred to Easyspace.

To find out more, visit Park ‘n’ Profit