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Easyspace adoption helps the WWF

Easyspace adoption helps the WWF

The orange elephant has been an extremely important and effective part of the Easyspace brand over the years. It has allowed our service to be easily identifiable and portrays the friendly service we aim to provide.

Now, as a thank you for the help from the elephant, we are returning the favour. We, Easyspace, have started sponsoring our very own elephant through the WWF elephant adoptions scheme.

Kiruba, a female Asian elephant, is one of just a few thousand remaining in the wild today. She is the matriarch of a large extended family who live in the Corbett National Park in northern India. Kiruba currently has two offspring, a male and a female.

In Asia, the WWF is supporting an extensive programme to protect elephants and their habitats in the eastern. In Corbett National Park that means providing equipment and training for the park rangers so that poachers are deterred and elephants and their habitats can be monitored.

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