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An Unexpected Journey…

An Unexpected Journey…

An Unexpected Journey

We have a lovely story about our friend and colleague over here at Easyspace towers, Colin McGregor.

One of Colin’s close friends, Niall Williams, contracted Covid last year, and as a result, he spent 95 days in intensive care. He has thankfully recovered after this challenging period. Phew!

Having spent over 6 months in hospital fighting for survival, Niall wanted to do something to show his gratitude to all the people who helped him through his time in hospital. So Niall challenged himself to walk 95 miles in 95 days, a massive challenge for him personally, raising funds for the NHS in Fife. Good news!

On Thursday, 3rd June, Niall completed his “Challenge 95” by walking 95 miles in 95 Days. Well done that man!

But there’s more…

Niall encouraged his friends to take up their own challenge based on the number ’95’.

So, Colin and a few of his closest friends (Scout Leaders) decided to turn something negative into something positive and raise awareness and funding for the NHS Fife Health Charity. So, they decided to travel the 96 miles of the West Highland Way – in 95 hours, an unexpected journey!

The West Highland Way is a grueling, arduous journey, the start of which is close-by Easyspace towers in Glasgow.

Colin (being Colin) decided to walk the Way back to front, starting at Fort William and ending at a place called Milngavie (pronounced Mullguy – yes it’s weird, we know).  They would walk and cycle the entire route in under 95 hours.

On the 11th June 2021, they set off from Fort William, with springs in their steps and maybe a little medicinal lubrication to help calm the nerves…

Day / Evening 1.

Start point: Fort William.
Distance to Cover: 21 Miles.
Destination: Kinlochleven

Day 2.

Start point: Kinlochleven.
Distance to Cover:  39 Miles.
Destination: Beinglas Farm North of Loch Lomond.

Arrival at Beinglas Farm (warning – extreme close-up)

A well earned soft drink

Day 3.

Start point: Beinglas Farm
Distance to Cover: 24 Miles. 
Destination: Drymen (just north of Glasgow).

After a brief tumble and an ambulance – Colin and the guys made in to the campsite at Drymen, to be greeted by Niall and the gang were clapped onto the campsite.

Day 4.

Start point: Drymen
Distance to Cover: 12 Miles. 
Destination Milngavie (just north of Glasgow).

Success!  The Gang arrived at the Start of the West Highland Way in Milngavie.

Arrival in Milngavie

Congratulations to all of them from everyone at Easyspace / iomart.   They have managed to raise over £3,000 so far for NHS Fife Health Charity, and over £20,000 for every ’95’ related challenge.

If you would like to contribute – you can do so by visiting the just giving page here: