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I can’t get no satisfaction…

I can’t get no satisfaction…

I can’t get no satisfaction…

(Unless you use the Easyspace LiveChat service that is)

Sometimes you introduce a product or service and just ‘suck it and see’.  You have no idea what the impact will be, how customers will react to it, or how much it will actually help. Years ago, when we introduced the ability to Chat Live with our agents. That was our honest approach, let’s see what happens!

Back in the day (2002), the only way of communicating with an Easyspace team member, was via tickets, sometimes waiting 24 hours for a response!  Not what you need when you have something to get fixed or set up. Strange times! But everyone in this new ‘.com’ era was learning how to do things as they went.

Then around 2004, we introduced these things called telephone numbers. Customers could actually speak to a member of the Easyspace team – amazing!

Customers liked being able to talk to our team, get things organised, set up and supported. It’s worked and continues to do so to this day.

Then we dipped our toes in the water to offer a limited Chat service.  While it was slow to take off, the adoption quickly gathered pace, our team liked it, and the feedback from customers was very positive.  More things happened in real-time.

In the last year, we really ramped up the prominence of LiveChat, across all areas of our website and control panel.  Nearly every member of our UK team is behind the scenes using it.  It gives our team leaders a real-time view of what our customers are saying and how effective and responsive our teams are being.

Then came the Covid-19 Lock-down and all of a sudden LiveChat became our primary support channel, very widely used across our customer base daily.  We were taking hundreds of chats per day, helping customers to do what they needed to do, all in record time-scales.

That’s why we were very proud to see our Chat Satisfaction rating on LiveChat’s stood at 96% (across nearly 8,000 Chats).  The other 4% have all been analysed and rectified where we could.

If you are running an online business or any business for that matter, we wholeheartedly recommend getting your team onto a LiveChat service. It helps connect with your customers and help you see what the customers’ needs actually are.

Easyspace use for our service. We whole heartedly recommend it.