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CSS, sweat & a few tears…

CSS, sweat & a few tears…

It’s the same, but new…

Some things take longer than you expect, it’s always the way. You start off with great ambition, and then other things get in your way, and before you know it, it’s next year.

So, it is with great happiness that we can report that our long-overdue face-lift for parts of the customer control panel is now live.

The short version….

The short version is this: It looks different but works in exactly the same way as before. We have ‘simply’ changed the styling to be more consistent with the other parts of control panel interface.

The homepage has more helpful features (and it’s far less cluttered) – the accounts and renewals sections have had a quick visit from the design team.

Everything is now able to work more effectively on mobile devices. Praise the gods of CSS!

We hope it makes your experience easier, quicker and more effective, and we have of course, updated our guides, and these can be found here:

If you have any issues, comments or feedback, please let us know by using our contact area…

Kindest of kind regards, we hope you are all staying safe, and being good.

The Easyspace team.