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Threatening SPAM emails?

Threatening SPAM emails?

Bitcoin email SCAMS (and other nonsense?)…

We always get questions from you guys on spam emails, you get emails from Nigerian Prince’s letting you know you have been lucky enough to win £1,000,0000,0000 pounds – you know the sort? We block them, then someone invents another way of worrying people…

Recently we have seen an increase in more sinister emails, blackmail emails, threatening to share all kinds of nonsense with your friends, family and colleagues. Never nice.

Whilst we do try to block as many of these as we can, sometimes they still get through to you guys…

So, with that in mind, we thought we would link to a few resources giving more information about this type of SPAM and to try and put your minds at rest, or at least let you know what to do should you receive one.

Above all – don’t panic – read up, chances are it’s just an annoying fake SPAM email.

To be on the safe side we recommend you do the following…

  • Forward email to spam @ easyspace . com
  • Scan all devices with anti-spam/ malware
  • If the email is saying they have the password change password via email management in the control panel.
  • Ensure your Computer/Device Operating System is using an updated version
  • Ensure anti-virus is using up to date versions

Some useful resources about this latest outbreak…

The Guardian –

Sextortion Bitcoin scam makes an unwelcome return

Check to see if email or password has been compromised before

We are always available for advice about these topics – so feel free to contact us for further information.