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.CO – the short, SEO-friendly and global domain

.CO – the short, SEO-friendly and global domain


The domain name extension .CO is short, SEO-friendly and global. Many big idea are starts online with a .CO domain. The extension is used all over the world, and recognized by search engines such as Google as a global domain extension – making it easy to take your idea global with a short, memorable domain name.Have you got your .CO domain?

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Why should you get a .CO domain name?

Owning a .CO extension means owning a domain name with one of the most popular extensions on the Internet, offering individuals and companies a unique branding opportunity for their online identity.

  • .CO is global, memorable and intuitive worldwide
  • .CO is offering individuals and companies more choice in branding their online presence
  • .CO is recognised world-wide as the abbreviation for Company, Corporation and more!

Who is already using a .CO domain?

The .CO has became the Internet’s most popular top-level domain name since its official launch in 2010. Over 2 million .CO domain names have been registered so far and its popularity continues to grow. Many companies have chosen a .CO to represent them online.

Make sure you take full advantage of this great opportunity to grab a truly premier global domain name!

Register your .CO today – possibilities are endless with the .CO domain…