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Notice: Microsoft Price Increases.

Notice: Microsoft Price Increases.

Microsoft Raise Prices from January 2018

On January 1, 2018, Microsoft will introduce SPLA price changes for Windows Server, SQL Server, Core Infrastructure Server Suite and Remote Desktop Services.

Microsoft has released the January 2018 price lists and announced the price increases effective January 2018. Microsoft has also announced there will be increases in January 2019 on certain products, outlined below.

The price increases are very common in the Microsoft world, particularly around the SPLA. The prices on the SPLA program have been going up consistently each year since 2010. In the past, some of the Microsoft products have gone up as much as 40%.

SPLA price increases are applied to SPLA pricelists worldwide. And hence the entire service provider community (worldwide) is affected by this price increase.

As you are aware, our margins on server products are already very close, so we have no option but to pass these increases on to our customer base. We will not make any extra profit from these increases.

Effective January 1st, 2018, pricing for the following specific products will increase.

  • Windows Server Standard, Datacentre and Essentials Processor (Legacy Processor license) – for most customers this will represent an increased charge of £3.50 per month.
  • Windows RDS SAL
  • CIS Suite Standard Processor (Legacy Processor license)
  • CIS Suite Datacentre Processor (Legacy Processor license)
  • SQL Standard, Enterprise, Web CORE Licensing and SQL SAL
  • Prices increases will range between 10% – 12% and will be applied to future bills.

Thanks for your attention.