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Domain Names – Save up to 20%

Domain Names – Save up to 20%

Save up to 20% when you register a domain for 10 years with Easyspace.

Did you know that you can register most domain names for up to 10 years?  But why should you?

A domain name is already one of the lowest cost ‘business assets’ you can secure, it’s also one of the most important.   As with any product or service, prices go up over time, so it makes good financial sense to lock in today’s prices.

A domain name forms a large part of your online identity and it is of course what most businesses use for their website address and email.  So when you have spent time finding the right available domain name it makes sense to secure it for as long as you can.

For less than £0.43p per month (yes, that’s 43 pence) – secure your name for longer, lock in your price and have peace of mind when it comes to your website, email and online identity.

So search for your domain name now – visits our new domain names search page >