The world record for the most expensive UK domain name has recently been smashed, with the sale of Gold.co.uk at a price of £600,000. Multi-millionaire Rob Halliday-Stein, founder of BullionByPost, has been named as the new owner of Gold.co.uk

Prior to Gold.co.uk the most expensive UK domain name was cruises.co.uk (£560,000) which was bought by Cruise community website Cruise.co.uk – who were obviously keen to get the plural version of their domain name.

The domain name used for a business website is extremely important, as it ties in with its marketing and brand development. The last thing you would want to do is have to spend a lot of money promoting a poor domain name. While £600,000 may seem like a lot of money to spend on a domain name, long-term it will pay off many times over. As more businesses realise the importance a domain name can have, the more they will be willing to pay for a premium domain name – so don’t expect this record price to stand for long.


Top 10 highest prices for .co.uk domain names:

1. Gold.co.uk, £600,000 – 2015
2. Cruises.co.uk, £560,000 – 2008
3. Webhosting.co.uk,  £323,225 – 2012
4. Phones.co.uk,  £222,838 – 2008
5. Recycle.co.uk, £200,336 – 2007
6. freecreditreport.co.uk, £193,935 – 2008
7. software.co.uk, £160,966 – 2009
8. Ink.co.uk, £130,425 – 2007
9. Mobile.co.uk, £120,000 – 2007
10. Taste.co.uk, £110,000 – 1997


Even More Opportunities

It’s not just premium .com’s or .co.uk domains that are selling for high prices – newly released GTLD names, such as .CLUB, are starting to be sold for high prices too – which is good for domain investors, as there are still opportunities to be the first to register a great GTLD name, thanks to them being so new.


Top 5 gTLD sales (2014 – Oct 2015)

1. Wine.club – $140,000
2. Coffee.club – $100,000
3. Net.work – $100,000
4. Autism.rocks – $100,000
5. 8.top – $79,000


If you’re looking for a new domain name then check out our Domain Names page to see what’s available – you never know, you could end up registering a name that turns into your own little goldmine!