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How to use our backup and restore service for web hosting

How to use our backup and restore service for web hosting


Backup and restore works silently in the background making sure your web site is always secure.

Every day we will take a copy of your web site files and any associated databases and give you access to them via your control panel – we keep up to two months worth of data!

Have the peace of mind that you will never loose your data due to server corruption or your site being hacked.

Step 1 – Log into your Control Panel

You can access your Easyspace control panel by visiting

image 1
Your username and password were sent to you in your welcome documentation. If you do not know your credentials please click the “forgotten password” link.

Step 2 – Select your domain name

Select “Backup Management” from the left hand navigation or the main screen.

image 2

Select your new domain from the drop down and click the “green arrow”

image 3

Step 3 – Manage your Backups

Select “Manage Backups”

image 4

Step 4 – Restore your content

You then have the option to overwrite the content in your webspace by clicking “Restore” beside the backup you wish to restore, Or if you would like to download a copy of the content to upload selected files via FTP click “Download” beside the backup you wish to download and a download link will be sent to the contact email address on your account.

image 5