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Richard Branson protects his reputation

Richard Branson protects his reputation


Billionaire Richard Branson is one of the first amongst a number of celebs & companies who are taking steps to protect their reputation, by registering new top level domains like,,,,, etc.

The new .PORN and .ADULT domain name extensions launched today (4th June 2015). Many brands are following suit, in order to prevent potential negative branding by domain name squatters. For example, Easyspace has already protected and


Why should I protect my brand?

If you want to prevent someone from using or then to be on the safe side we recommend that you register them yourself, thereby protecting them from being used against you or your business.

A good reputation is hard-won and easily lost

While you may feel you’re being blackmailed, the reality is domain name squatters do exist. Disgruntled customers, nasty competitors or just downright malicious people exist, and will be more than happy to take advantage of you. While you can resort to legal action to protect you brand if anything bad did happen, the odds are it would be expensive & time consuming to resolve – plus if the person who registered your .PORN or .ADULT domain extension is based overseas, then there is no guarantee you would be successful in blocking them.

For the sake of saving a few pounds – your reputation or your business’s reputation is just not worth risking.



How can I protect my brand?

You can protect your brand name and prevent anybody else from registering your brands .porn or .adult by registering these extensions at

Protect your brand today – before it’s too late.