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50 Cent is in da .CLUB. Are you?

50 Cent is in da .CLUB. Are you?


The new domain name extension .CLUB has become one of the most popular new domain name extension released so far. With approx 1 Billion search results on Google for “club” there is a lot of people who want to get there hands on a .club domain name extension – it’s an extension that has huge potential, since it is suitable for a large variety of names.

One person who was sharp enough to understand the benefits of owning a .CLUB domain name is the award-winning rapper, actor and entrepreneur, Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson, who in May last year launched his own .CLUB fan site at


Do you have a .CLUB?

A .CLUB domain name extension offers new opportunities for any kind of club; such as members associations, dance clubs, sports clubs, fun clubs, VIP clubs etc. No matter what your business, your interests or your passion, a .CLUB domain will help you standout and provide a place for people to easily find you online – there is a perfect .club domain name for everyone.

50 Cent has joined da club – is it time you did too? Search for you .CLUB domain today.

Check out the video below, where 50 Cent celebrated both the launch of .CLUB and his new site at an exclusive party at Tao Downtown in New York City: