The new domain name extension .SCOT has been released today – it’s an extension that will provide an internet address for people & businesses in Scotland, as well as the worldwide family of Scots who want to demonstrate their identity online.

Dot scot is expected to be a popular domain name. There are between 40 and 50 million people with Scottish connections worldwide and .scot will give them a tool for identification and promotion.

Why register a Dot Scot domain name?

  • Clearly identify yourself as Scottish
  • Unique branding tool for businesses
  • Show you’re part of Scotland & the Scots diaspora
  • Promote a Scottish social, cultural, business or academic life

Dot Scot Pioneers

A number of Scottish websites have already started using .SCOT, such as the Scottish Scouts:


Dot Scot Opportunities

Now is a good time to register your .Scot, with it just being released, if you are fast enough there will be lots of great names available for you to own, such as:

  • etc, etc…..

Get Your .SCOT Today

The new .scot domain is a community domain, so applications are welcomed from the Scottish Diaspora around the world, as well as everyone who lives or works in Scotland – whether individuals or businesses.

To find out more about .Scot and to register your new .scot name call us on 0370 755 5088 or visit: