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Dot CLUB Domain Name Launches

Dot CLUB Domain Name Launches


The new domain name .Club hits the net today. This name is particularly suited for sports organisations, and is expected to be popular with  sports businesses and organisations.

This new generic Top-Level Domain name (gTLD) .Club is forecasted to be one of the most popular domain name extensions among nearly one thousand gTLDs being issued this year by ICANN, the international organisation that regulates domain names, as part of a drive to open up competition and opportunity on the Internet.

Easyspace is now offering .Club on a first come first served basis on our Dot Club Domain Name page.

Sarah Haran, managing director of Easyspace, said: “Dot Club is the ultimate social domain name for sports organisations. If you run a football club, rugby club, or athletics club using this shorter and more specific domain name is the ideal way to bring your supporters together online.”

While the new dot club domain is expected to be popular with sports clubs, the domain extension will no doubt also prove popular with a range of other organisations, whether its for fan clubs, beauty clubs, nightclubs, chess clubs, rotary clubs, book clubs, karaoke clubs, etc, etc. For example, the website Shaving.Club has already been launched!

With approx 1 Billion search results on Google for “club” there will be a lot of people who want to get there hands on a .club domain name extension – it’s an extension that has huge potential, since it is suitable for a large variety of names. So if you want one yourself, then don’t miss out – order today!

To find out more about .Club visit


Thanks to .club, many people and organisations will no longer have to settle for an uncomfortably long web address, or an abbreviation that doesn’t necessarily mean anything. Now you can have a domain name that immediately identifies and brands your club. e.g.: or can now be

  • Get a .CLUB domain name that perfectly expresses your club’s brand
  • Get a .CLUB domain name that is short, logical and easy to remember
  • Get a .CLUB domain name that is highly marketable

Lastly, we found an interesting video on the dot club extension that you might find useful. The CEO of .CLUB Domains, which is the company managing the worldwide release of the .club launch is Colin Campbell. Colin recently held a video interview with Whizzbangsblog founder, Michael Gilmour, in which he explains why a .Club is a valuable domain name to have:

In today’s Internet connected world your internet domain name is your brand. Now you can have a domain name just for clubs:

…..P.S. Have a look at how our Easyspace Support Monkey celebrated the launch of the new .club domain name: