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Top 10 Most Popular New gTLD Domain Names….. so far

Top 10 Most Popular New gTLD Domain Names….. so far


The last few weeks have been a busy time at Easyspace HQ. Every week a number of new domain name extensions (gTLDs) are released for the very first time – domain extensions such as .GURU, .TIPS, .BIKE, etc – times have changed from the days when you could only register traditional domain names such as .COM, .CO.UK, .NET, etc. This year will see the release of hundreds of new domain extensions, all offering huge opportunities – so don’t miss out.

We’ve all been busy getting ready for each new launch and our Sales Dept have been busy answering the phones, taking orders and monitoring our website for the many online orders we’ve been getting.

Easyspace always suspected that these new domain name extensions would be popular, since we’ve had a lot of customers expressing an interest to us, months before any of them were officially released.

However, we have been pleasantly surprised by just how popular they are. These new extensions are proving popular not only with Easyspace customers, but with people throughout the world. The number of registrations – of the new gtld extensions released so far – from all domain name registrars worldwide is already over 200,000 and rising every day – so it’s not just Easyspace that have been busy.

Top 10 gTLDs



From the list of bestselling gTLDs above, the stats show .GURU is the most popular so far – this fun, eye-catching and easy to remember new domain extension was one of the first to be launched and it has caught peoples imagination.

Many people who are specialists in various areas have been registering a .GURU domain to demonstrate their knowledge and help set them apart from their competition, to show that they are experts in their chosen field. People registering .GURU extensions so far have included web designers, coders, chefs, fitness coaches, sales coaches, beauty consultants, SEO consultants, etc e.g.

.Berlin coming in at number two is a surprise for some – with over 40,000 – it is one of the best sellers, even though it has yet to launch in General Availability – its second place has been earned by pre-orders. While this gTLD extension has a number of restrictions, for example you can only register one if you are a person/business which is resident in Berlin, Germany, many Berliners have obviously been made aware of the huge opportunities that this domain extension can give them – and have been quick to order one.

So if you are planning a city-break to Berlin in future, then no doubt you will come across websites such as,,,,,,,, etc when you’re doing your holiday research.

Predicted Bestsellers

One of the many gTLDs extensions still to be released is .LONDON. and if .berlin is anything to go by, then .London will be massively popular – so make sure you register your interest to be notified when it’s released with Easyspace.

Another predicted bestseller is .CLUB. which will offer new opportunities for any kind of club; such as members associations, dance clubs, sports clubs, fun clubs, VIP clubs etc., to build a successful online presence with a more dedicated website address, with a community feel to it.

No matter what your business, your interests or your passion, a .CLUB domain will help you standout and provide a place for people to easily find you online – there is a perfect .club domain name for everyone.

Where Are The Buyers?



It will come as no surprise that most people registering gTLDs are located in the USA – with no doubt plenty of tech entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley planning to use them for their next StartUp. The UK is holding its own – partly helped by Easyspace customers – in a respectable 4th position, but don’t be surprised if they move up to 2nd place once .London is released – thousands of tech savvy Londoners will be wanting to get their hands on this online real-estate.

Don’t Miss Out

To view a list of the new gTLD domain name extensions that are due to be released, visit our gTLD Domain Page and register your interest in the extensions you want – we will notify you as soon as they are released.

If you want to have a look at some of the gtlds that have already been released such as .MENU, .TIPS, .SHOES, .COMPANY, .CAMERA, .PHOTOS, etc, then have a search for the name you’re interested in at our Domain Names page, to see if it’s still available.