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8 New Domains Released – including .COMPANY

8 New Domains Released – including .COMPANY


8 new domain name extensions have been released today, many of which will appeal to business organisations such as: .Company, .Management, .Computer, .Systems and .Center.

We’re also releasing .Menu, .Uno. and last but not least .Academy, which will appeal to some schools and educational establishments. It could for example, be used to set up a training website for an online course e.g.,,,,,, etc.

As is standard, these domain name extension will be available on a first come, first served basis from the Easyspace website


.Company – This will provide a recognisable worldwide business domain name. This can be used for your main website for your business – especially if you are involved with B2B. However, if you do a lot of B2C then you may want to use a .company domain as a secondary website which is more formal, maybe providing information for investors, office locations, information for suppliers, etc.

.Management – If your business offer management services then this is the ideal domain name for you. It will immediately let people know what you are involved with. e.g.,,,, etc.

.Computer – Great domain extension for anybody involved with computers, whether its training e.g. UnderstandYour.Computer,,, etc or anybody who provides services/products which are computer related e.g.,,, etc. Again, this is the type of domain that immediately lets people know what your site is about. If they are looking for computer related information/prodcuts then having such a domain extension will help you stand out.

.Systems – Yet another great domain for businesses, especially technology related. Do you provide customers with “systems” to solve their problems? If so, this could be the name for you e.g.,,,,,,,,,,, etc.

.Center – Please note that this is the Americanised spelling of the word centre – which internationally is the most recognised spelling. This is ideal for centers all of the world who want to promote themselves online e.g.,,,,, etc.

.Academy – As mentioned above, this will be popular with schools, education organisations, universities, as well us being suitable for tutors, coaches and various training experts e.g.,,,,, etc.

.Menu – Excellent for restaurants and food lovers such as food bloggers, chefs, diet coaches, health advisors, etc. For example:,,,

.Uno – Short & memorable, this is a new domain name for spanish & italian speakers. The word means “one” and it is expected to be  a popular alternative to a “.COM” for those operating in the spanish & italian markets – so if you want to promote your website to this huge market, then this is a domain extension for you.


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