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10 Funny Domain Names

10 Funny Domain Names

Some domain names can have a double meaning – keep this in mind when registering your domain name:

1. – Is that IT Scrap ……. or Its crap?

2. –  Speed of art or Speedo fart

3. – the actual name of a Welsh town and the World’s Longest Single Word Domain Name!

4. – Those children may look nice in their new clothes, but their language is appalling.

5. – Pack some painkillers for that holiday in Spain

6. – American Scrap Metal or Americans Crap Metal??

7. – Am I gone? Not yet, but you will be one day, so maybe have a word with Amigone Funeral home….

8. – The One Ill Building. I don’t think I’d want to live there. I’d prefer to live at The O’neill Building.

9. – Teachers Building Society. That’s certainly is BS domain name…. say no more……

10. – “Eurrgh! I’d prefer not to look at that if you don’t mind….. Oh you meant 80’s Hits?”