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When Did Blogging Begin?

When Did Blogging Begin?

Over the years thousands of people have set up a blog via Easyspace. Years ago many did this through, but nowadays WordPress is the most popular amongst our customers for setting up their blogs.

Blogs, or weblogs as they used to be called are written for a huge number of reasons, whether it’s for online diaries, daily news digests, documenting weight-loss, documenting travels, etc, etc.

There are millions of people around the world using  blogs. Blogging has come a long way since the Merriam-Webster dictionary first recognized blog as a word in 1994. have put together an infographic on the rise of blogging:

If you’re looking to create a blog that you can update easily, allow users to post stories, news content, add pictures and functions, etc then we recommend WordPress which is currently the most popular platform for running a blog. All of Easyspace’s Web Hosting packages are WordPress ready, making it quick & easy for you to set up your own blog – whether its for a personal blog or your business website.