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Protect your online reputation

Protect your online reputation

A domain name, also known as a web address, is a key part of your intellectual property assets. It helps establish and secure your brand protection on the Internet.

The Internet has become a vital factor for every business. Therefore, online users such as businesses, brands, corporations and even individuals must be proactive in protecting their online reputation, by employing a series of measures – including domain name protection.

If you are serious about your business, it is likely that you’ve invested lots of time and money into building a successful online brand. To help protect your online reputation, and to stay ahead of your competition, we strongly recommend registering multiple domain names.

Brand protection simply begins with registering a web address!

  • Protect your brand and internet reputation
  • Stop your competitors from redirecting your valuable traffic
  • Prevent others from using your brand name
  • Register multiple web addresses to promote different products and services
  • Gain more opportunities to be listed in search engines
  • Capture common misspells of you domain name

While many businesses are spending millions of pounds every year to build their global online brand identity, the fact is many fail to fully protect their internet presence – in particular many don’t secure domain names that are similar to their own e.g. common misspells, etc…make sure you don’t make that mistake.

For example, many business will register the .com or versions of their domain names – but too many fail to also register & protect other domain extensions such as, .net, info, .me, .eu, etc versions of their domains. Not doing so puts their online reputation in jeopardy, as domain squatters, fraudsters, competitors, etc could register them, which could result in not only a loss of business, but your reputation being damaged.

To help you protect your business name or product name, we are running offers on various domain names.

Don’t hesitate, start protecting your brand today with & for only £5.00 (was £25.00/pa), .me for only £8.00 (was £16.00/pa) and .info for only £5.16 (was £12.91/pa)!