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State of Digital Marketing in 2012

State of Digital Marketing in 2012

WebMarketing123 recently released its report ‘State of Digital Marketing in 2012‘ which shows how some B2B and B2C are marketing their businesses.

From the infographic below, interesting points of note reported by the 500+ U.S. marketers are:

1. 39% of B2C are generating sales from Facebook. Have you been generating sales from Facebook?

2. 23% of B2B are generating sales from LinkedIn. This is one ‘Social Media’ avenue often ignored by marketers.

3. The perception is that B2B marketers are far less engaged than B2C in Social Media. The reality is that B2B are closing the gap. 63% of B2B’s are engaged with social media, vs 70% of B2C’s.

4. Regarding budgeting for 2013, while the majority will be spending the same amount as 2012 for SEO, PPC and Social Media, many are actually increasing their projected spend, despite current economic conditions.

Infographic courtesy of WebMarketing 123