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Protect your brand by registering multiple domains & enabling whois privacy

Protect your brand by registering multiple domains & enabling whois privacy

Here at Easyspace, we are fully aware of the importance of helping to protect your web presence.

Our aim is to help individuals and businesses to save money, especially when it comes to registering multiple domain extensions.

If you’re thinking about registering multiple domain names, you’ve got the right idea and approach!

With millions of web addresses already registered, the range of available domain registrations is getting thinner.

Registering and using more than one domain name with multiple extensions (for example,, is a valuable investment and great choice for creating a dynamic online identity, perfect for brand protection and essential for business growth.

Brand Protection: Why should you register multiple domain extensions?

  • Protect your brand and keep your competition from registering similar domain names
  • Stop those who may register alternative extensions for unsavoury purposes
  • Register common misspells of your domain e.g. and
  • Promote the different products and services to specific markets
  • Strengthen your search engine listing
  • Generate more valuable traffic to your website by diverting all domains
  • Create distinct online advertising strategies to target different markets
  • Provide customers more ways to find you on the Internet

To help you protect your brand, we are running a massive promotion and offering up to 90% off domain registrations:

.EU Domain Name – 90% off standard price valid until 31st March 2012
The .eu is key domain extension for individuals and businesses which are looking for a regional coverage instead of local and wish to tap into the European market to grow “European online identity”. With a .eu domain name you show loyalty to Europe and promote your business brand in 27 countries!

.INFO Domain Name – 40% off standard price valid until 30th June 2012
.info is a long-standing domain that people trust and respect so be unique, up-to-date and informative in a world where information rules! Register your .info and share your information about your business online.

.ME Domain Name – 50% off available until 30th June 2012
A unique way to make your own statement and connection with businesses or friends online. .me domain is simply prefect for expressing your online identity and has an incredible potential for Internet users world-wide.

.CO Domain Name – 50% off available until 30th June 2012
By registering a .co web address, you’ll be adding one of the most popular domain extensions on the Internet. .co is offering individuals and companies more choice in branding their online presence so launch your new idea online today.

These domain extensions are essential for all kinds of organisations, businesses, groups, social networking sites and individuals. If you are serious about protecting your brand you should act now before it’s too late.

Easyspace is offering WHOIS Privacy services (also known as private domain registrations) to help individuals and businesses to protect their personal details online from identity theft and cyber squatters!

Private domain registrations can be purchased for new and existing web addresses for just £0.42 per month per domain. To gain a little extra privacy on the web, simply add WHOIS Privacy to following domain extensions: .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz, .cc, .tv, .name. .me, .co. .xxx, .bz, .mobi, .tel and .ws today via control panel (existing customers) or add it prior to checkout during domain registration process (new and existing customers).

.eu and .uk domain customers are also able to protect online identity by adding service called “WHOIS Opt-Out”. This service can used for free! To make use of it simply contact us by raising a ticket via the Easyspace control panel.

Don’t hesitate; protect your brand by registering multiple domain extensions and enabling WHOIS Privacy services today!

For further, visit latest promotion pages and private domain registration pages or call our friendly sales team on 0370 755 5088.