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Easyspace’s Jungle City campaign comes to successful end

Easyspace’s Jungle City campaign comes to successful end

We’re delighted to announce that Easyspace’s four month long project to promote art and conservation is now complete. The two sculptures of endangered animals that we sponsored for this summer’s Jungle City exhibition in Edinburgh are now safely in their new homes and the £800,000 raised by the campaign run by the Elephant Family is now being spent on setting aside natural reserves for elephants, tigers and other threatened species in India.

We really wanted Easyspace’s involvement with Jungle City to involve children and we’re delighted to have had the support of a group of children from Stirlingshire community art group FAB. Our beautiful hornbill was designed and painted by the children from FAB and we were delighted to present the sculpture to the children’s school, Balfron Primary School, last week (see the great photo) where it’s going to be used to teach the pupils about the importance of conservation. It already has pride of place in the school’s reception area.

We also donated our baby elephant sculpture to the Yorkhill Children’s Foundation which raises money to support Scotland’s main children’s hospital. The foundation auctioned it and raised £1200 towards a campaign to buy a world class microscope that will enable surgeons at Yorkhill to give children with neurological conditions the best chance of survival.

It’s been a great campaign so thank you for all your support.

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