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Give your website a trustworthy European online identity

Give your website a trustworthy European online identity

.eu domain name

Until the 31st December 2011, Easyspace, the ICANN accredited domain name registrar is lowering .eu web address price from £12.50 to only £3.75 to help all new and existing customers to tap into European market.

The .eu is country code top-level domain name for European Union which connects over 500 million people in 27 countries. Officially launched in 2005, the .eu domain name is available to any individual, business or organisation residing within the European Union.

Since its official launch, over three million .eu domains have been registered, making this domain extension one of the largest top-level domains worldwide. According to EURid, the official .eu registry, .eu registrations have doubled in five years!

Key reasons why businesses should consider registering .eu domain name:

  1. .eu attracts new customers as you will be trading in 27 countries across Europe
  2. .eu shows that you are European
  3. .eu is practical and offers a central place for information
  4. .eu broadens your market and widens your potential customer base
  5. .eu help you streamline your websites
  6. .eu speaks all European languages
  7. .eu raises your visibility and attracts attention
  8. .eu equals quality and creates a good impression

While individual country code top-level domain names such as, .it, .de, .nl etc. are very important, the .eu domain extension is the best choice for any individual or businesses who are looking for pan European coverage instead of a national coverage.

A website with the .eu extension displays a ‘European identity’ – and also shows your brands loyalty to a European marketplace!