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Easyspace hornbill brings touch of magic to Harry Potter cafe

Easyspace hornbill brings touch of magic to Harry Potter cafe

Harry Potter would be proud!

The hornbill sculpture created for our Easyspace Jungle City project by the school children of Balfron has now gone on display in the Edinburgh café where JK Rowling wrote the first of her blockbusting books.

It’ll be seen by the scores of Harry Potter fans who visit the world famous Elephant House gourmet tea and coffee house before the public art project finishes at the end of September.

Sarah Haran, managing director of Easyspace, said: “Having our children’s sculpture on display in the cafe where JK Rowling wrote the world’s most famous children’s books is absolutely fantastic both for us and the brilliant young artists of Balfron who designed and painted it. It’s an iconic location and we hope it encourages all Harry Potter fans to embrace the important message about conservation that our hornbill conveys.”

David Taylor, owner of the Elephant House, said: “We are delighted that the only sculpture created by children for Jungle City has gone on display in our café. It’s a wonderful, colourful addition and will provide a lovely focus for the many youngsters and their families who come here to connect with the Harry Potter story. The Balfron pupils have done a fantastic job!”

The children, all either current or past pupils at Balfron Primary School, are big Harry Potter fans and during a VIP trip to see their hornbill go on display at the Elephant House, they were shown where a young JK Rowling sat writing the first Harry Potter novels.

Ten year old Anisah McDonagh said: “This is amazing. I hope that if JK Rowling comes to the café she likes our hornbill.”

Joe Rose, aged 9, added: “We’ve had a brilliant time seeing where Harry Potter was written and counting the hundreds of elephant sculptures in the café.”.

Easyspace is a big supporter of the Elephant Family charity which has organised Jungle City and donates money from the sale of domain names to the charity’s fundraising efforts. Jungle City is an exhibition of 120 sculptures of endangered animals that aims to raise £1million to help protect their habitat. The animals have now moved from the Royal Botanic Gardens to the streets of Edinburgh. The outdoor display comes to an end on 26 September after which the sculptures will be sold at a gala auction.

Easyspace is a subsidiary of iomart Group plc which was recently named Scottish Digital IT Company of the Year 2011 and is ranked as one of the top 25 cloud services providers in the world by Talkin’ Cloud 50.