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Jungle City 2011 unveiled in Edinburgh’s Royal Botanic Gardens

Jungle City 2011 unveiled in Edinburgh’s Royal Botanic Gardens

If you’ve been following our Jungle City campaign you’ll be delighted to know that both our Easyspace animal sculptures have gone on display today (Tuesday August 16th 2011) as part of the biggest public art event ever held in Edinburgh. Do go and see them and don’t forget to take your smartphone because they’ve got a QR code on them so you can get yourself an Easyspace web hosting discount.

The children from our local arts group, Friends of Balfron, have done a fantastic job decorating our wonderful hornbill ‘Webby’ – we can’t thank them enough and neither can the organisers of Jungle City who told us: “The children should be hugely proud. Their colourful creation will help bring Jungle City alive and we hope families and children from all over Scotland go and see it over the next two months.” And they had a word for Easyspace too. “Through its sponsorship of Jungle City, Easyspace has brought to life the term ‘corporate social responsibility. Not only is the company helping some of the world’s most endangered species, it has created a wonderful opportunity for local children to become passionate about art and conservation as well as benefiting a major charity.”

As well as Webby, we’ve also sponsored a life-sized baby elephant nicknamed ‘Karubu,’ which we’re donating to Glasgow’s Yorkhill Hospital once Jungle City is over. Both animals are now on display in the grounds of Edinburgh’s Royal Botanic Gardens until the end of the month. All 130 Jungle City animals will then be ‘unleashed’ onto the streets of Edinburgh on September 6th. We’ll let you know where ours will be put so you can look out for them if you’re visiting the city in September.

Jungle City is part of a fund-raising campaign headed up by our great friends at the Elephant Family charity to help raise £millions to help protect endangered animals. Easyspace supports their campaign by donating money from sales of domain names and by sponsoring their public art events.