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Scottish Scout Association web site re-design project

Scottish Scout Association web site re-design project

The Easyspace web design team have been busy designing the new website concept for Andrew Sharkey of the Scottish Scout Association, the winner of the “Ugly Website Competition”.

The designers have created the new design concept including 3 different options on logos, which were forwarded to Andrew for final approval. Andrew was impressed with the new improved website look and logos and he has selected his preferred logo option and given his approval to move to the next stage.

The next stage of the project will be the completion of the site build, ensuring all relevant website content is added to the appropriate sections. Once the site build has been finalised, the site design shall enter a review period where Andrew and the design team will check through the entire site to ensure all content is correct and the site is functioning properly. Once the review period is concluded and fully approved, our web designers will launch the new Scouts website!

This website project has been going according to the timescale so far. Certain customers have an urgent requirement to get their site up and running as soon as possible, but others are happy to dedicate more time over their decisions. Therefore, as with all projects, our designers have been working in line with the customer’s requirements and specified timescales to ensure successful completion of the site before the required launch date.

The Easyspace web design team commented, “Andrew Sharkey has been highly organised in his planning, allowing plenty of time to think about the new site and ensuring everything is completed well before the launch of next event in 2012. It is refreshing to work with a client who is well ahead of the programme as it does allow us to spend more time getting things right – as of course, rushed jobs usually end up looking like rushed jobs after all!”

To find out more visit the web design section of the Easyspace website or call Easyspace sales team on 0370 755 5088.