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WHOIS Privacy service now available for .CO Domain Names

WHOIS Privacy service now available for .CO Domain Names

Easyspace is happy to announce the launch of the WHOIS Privacy service for .co domain names.

WHOIS Privacy, also known as private domain registration, is a perfect choice for individuals and businesses that wish to protect their private and business contact details on the Internet for just £5 per domain per year.

During the domain registration process, registrants are required by ICANN to include contact details such as address, email address, full name and telephone number which are then published in the public WHOIS database.

The WHOIS Privacy service offers the ability to protect registrant details from spammers, scammers and other unwanted attention by simply replacing all the registrant contact information with Easyspace details. The registrant retains the ownership of the domain name – the personal details are just kept hidden!

Easyspace managing director, Sarah Haran commented: ‘The WHOIS Privacy service for .co domain names was introduced in response to our customers who wanted something to keep their personal details safe online. Easyspace pride ourselves on doing everything we can to enhance our services and keep our customers secure’.

‘Having this security focussed product for .co domain names is sure to make .co domains even more popular, as individuals and businesses look to explore their online options and become visible on the internet in a safe and secure manner.’ Sarah added.

Already available for .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz, .cc, .tv, .name and .me, the WHOIS Privacy service is now also available for all new and existing .co domain customers.

Add WHOIS Privacy to your .co domains today!