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Easyspace Launches Pre-Order Facility for new .CO Domain Name

Easyspace Launches Pre-Order Facility for new .CO Domain Name

Easyspace has included the highly anticipated .CO domain name to the extensive list of domain name extensions it currently offers to new and existing customers.

Not launching for full General Availability until July 20th, Easyspace have created a Pre-Order facility for the new .CO domain extension to increase the chances of its customers getting the domains they’d like.

.CO is a new domain name extension that offers people and companies more choice in branding their online presence with a truly global, recognizable, and credible domain name. And, with no geographic restrictions on registration, businesses, agencies, bloggers, affiliates, Internet marketers, developers, domain investors and anyone else with an interest can access the extension.

While the domain is the ccTLD for Columbia, consultations with the Internet community have led to it now being made available on a global level. This global release associates the extension with words such as Company, Corporation and Commerce for business use, while also targeting socially networked individuals with words such as Communities, Content, Connect, Communicate and Collaborate.

“We think this is a great addition to the domain world and believe it will see significant sale levels in the coming months, not just from Easyspace, but globally.” Comments Sarah Haran, Managing Director at Easyspace.

“The last couple of years have brought the launch of the .ME and .TEL but, while both were global in their own right, they did both have some restriction. .ME, for instance, was focused on personalisation while .TEL was a communication tool with a different purpose to standard extensions. The .CO, however, can be used by business and personal users as well as being highly relevant extension to coincide with the continuing growth in social media use.” Continued Sarah.

All .CO domains registered on the Easyspace Pre Order system prior to full General Availability are subject to Terms and Conditions.

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