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Easyspace Turns its Elephant Logo into Reality

Easyspace Turns its Elephant Logo into Reality

Easyspace is helping paint a brighter future for the endangered Asian Elephant by taking part in this summer’s huge public art exhibition – the Elephant Parade in London.

The Glasgow-based web hosting company is sponsoring one of the 250 life-sized model baby elephants that will be displayed across London as part of the Parade’s campaign to highlight the plight of the Asian elephant.

Errol Vanderhorst, managing director of Easyspace, said: “Our company logo is an Asian elephant so we felt there was a real synergy in supporting such a wonderfully creative project to raise awareness about its plight.”

Easyspace asked students at Glasgow Metropolitan College to design and decorate its elephant while Glasgow’s famous Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum agreed to display the model so it could be seen by the public in Glasgow before it was transported to London.

“The talented students of Glasgow Met have enabled us to produce a really stand-out elephant that will show off the artistic talent we have here in Scotland. We hope thousands of people will see it both in Glasgow and in London.” continued Vanderhorst.

‘Cosmos’ – the artistic name for Easyspace’s elephant – will spend this weekend (26 – 28 March) on public display at Kelvingrove before being transported to London to take part in the Parade.

The Elephant Parade, which takes place between May and July, hopes to raise more than £1 million for more than 15 UK conservation charities working to protect Asian elephants. Easyspace has been raising extra money for the campaign since the autumn by donating cash from its sales of domain names.

Vanderhorst added: “Our Elephant Parade campaign has allowed us to give the students of Glasgow Met a taste of what working in the real world is like as well as highlighting to us how our business needs to look outside of itself to support important issues.”

At the end of the Elephant Parade, Easyspace’s elephant will be auctioned at a glittering auction hosted by Sothebys.

To see pictures of ‘Cosmos’ being decorated visit the Easyspace Elephant page on Facebook. To learn more about the Elephant Parade, visit

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