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Easyspace Improves On-Site Functionality for non-UK Visitors

Easyspace Improves On-Site Functionality for non-UK Visitors

Easyspace  has launched a new feature on its website to allow non-UK visitors to view more accurate pricing for each of its range of products.

In response to a continued high volume of non-UK traffic to the website, Easyspace has launched a currency convertor on the website targeting the two most popular currencies used by the majority of its non-UK visitors – American Dollars (USD) and the Euro (EUR).

By simply selecting the preferred currency using the relevant onsite navigation, users can view equivalent and up-to-date pricing for all products, including Domain Names, Web Hosting and Virtual Servers. Non-UK currencies on site are reset every morning to reflect an accurate equivalent based on a live Exchange Rate feed.

“For a long time now we’ve had visitors to our site from the USA, France, Spain, Ireland and further afield, but those visitors have been left to do the conversions themselves in terms of calculating the equivalent cost for products in their own currencies.” Comments Errol Vanderhorst, Managing Director at Easyspace.

“While the core of our business still comes from the UK market, there has been an evident growth in interest from non-UK visitors, so improving Usability and Pricing Accuracy was a logical step. We’re continuing to monitor and will look to implement additional currencies should it become a requirement in future.”

The Currency Selector is one of several recent developments by Easyspace targeted at specific customer segments. With the launch of its Vouchers product for those looking for gifts or “cash in the bank”, the re-launch of the Web Design section of its website and Web Design related products to better reflect the growing list of offerings within its Web Design portfolio to the launch of SaaS application plugins for its Shared Web Hosting and Virtual Hosting products, Easyspace has started the year as it means to go on.

Errol continued “We continue to monitor our customer base and take time to reflect on the feedback it provides us. The result is several new features on a variety of products alongside some improved functionality making the whole Easyspace experience even smoother.”