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Easyspace Launches SaaS applications for its VPS range

Easyspace Launches SaaS applications for its VPS range

Easyspace announced the launch of an extensive library of easy to install SaaS applications for its virtual server range.

Installable via the Plesk Power Pack, available as an addon to the Plesk Control panel, customers will have access to a multitude of Software as a Service applications designed to aid the main areas of business from Inventory Management and HR through to Collaboration and Ecommerce.

Amongst the most well known applications included as part of the Power Pack are Joomla, WordPress, Magento Ecommerce, Php Bulletin Board, Php Money and Drupal.

“Over 150 SaaS applications are now available to customers through this latest addition to our Virtual Server range, with each application being a potential opportunity for business improvement. At just £4.95 per month, this proves fantastic value for money. Users can easily install robust online stores, chat and blogging software, finance management tools, project management tools and more at a fraction of the cost of doing each individually through other channels” comments Errol Vanderhorst, Managing Director at Easyspace.

SaaS applications are growing ever more popular with consumers and businesses alike and the inclusion of such a wide range of apps directly via hosting providers is only going to increase the awareness, usage and popularity of them.

Errol continued, “In an age where buzz words such as SaaS and Cloud Computing are becoming ever more common, it’s important to make sure potential users have access to tools classified as such. We already offer a Cloud Hosting solution via our Virtual Server packages and the addition of SaaS applications only serves to further bolsters their position amongst the most competitive servers currently available on the market.”

Visit the Plesk Power Pack page for more information >