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Easyspace expands its range of Budget Dedicated Servers

Easyspace expands its range of Budget Dedicated Servers

Easyspace has announced the expansion of its budget dedicated server range.

Offering a selection of competitive hosting solutions including shared hosting, virtual servers and high specification dedicated servers, the budget range of dedicated servers are targeted specifically at those with smaller budgets who still require a robust, feature rich server.

“We offer a number of high specification hosting solutions ranging in price from as little as £2.25 per month for our cheapest shared package. Having said that we appreciate that some people may require a dedicated hosting package, and may not have the budget to fund it. The expanded budget dedicated server range addresses that segment” comments Errol Vanderhorst, Managing Director for Easyspace.

The Budget range of Dedicated Servers offered by Easyspace is compiled from servers unsold prior to a specification upgrade. There are also servers still fit for purpose but no longer required by customers for one reason or another.

Errol continued “We have various specifications of server racked up and ready to use and, since they don’t quite match up to our newest generation  of dedicated server, we offer them at a lower cost. With that said, these are far from being low spec machines. They just aren’t as highly spec’d as our newer range.”

The current range of budget dedicated servers is available from as little as £25.99 per month. With 6 specifications available, customers can choose from Pentium or Xeon processors, from DualCore or Quadcore, from 512MB RAM through to 4GB of RAM, from a single 80GB hard disk through to twin 250GB hard disks and various other features.

Easyspace, established in 1997, offers a range of web related services from domain names, web hosting and email services through to virtual and dedicated servers and web design.