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Easyspace launches range of Gift Vouchers in time for the holiday season

Easyspace launches range of Gift Vouchers in time for the holiday season

Easyspace has announced the launch of a new range of Gift Vouchers.

Already allowing various payment methods, the new Gift Voucher range from Easyspace allows yet another option for people looking to buy one of the many available Easyspace services online.

There are five values of Gift Voucher available, ranging from £10 to £100, with anyone eligible to purchase either as a gift to others or as treat to themselves. Vouchers can then be used to purchase any product on, whether it be domain names, web hosting or one of the many other available services.

“We already offer a range of services on our website and accept a variety of payment methods, but we realise that as the domain names market becomes larger and as small businesses see the increased need for an online presence of sorts, that offering a Gift Voucher range could actually help a few people in achieving their plans.” comments Errol Vanderhorst, Managing Director at Easyspace.

“Domainers and small businesses might know they’ll need those online services, but right now might not know exactly which domain or package to choose. Our Vouchers essentially allow them to buy credit until they decide, and opens up a market for others to help them out by covering the cost of domains via a voucher”.

With the festive period coming around, followed shortly afterwards by Valentines Day and Easter, not to mention birthdays, fathers days, mothers days and the various other holidays and occasions throughout the year, the new range of Gift Vouchers allow another option of present for your friends, family and colleagues.

Errol continued “Of course, we also have the festive period coming up, and what better way to treat a friend, family member of colleague than to give them the funds to buy their very own domain names!”