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Importance of WHOIS Privacy for Domain Names

Importance of WHOIS Privacy for Domain Names

When a domain name is registered, all private contact information, such as full name, email address, address, and telephone number, is publically displayed in the Whois database and is fully available to Internet users at any point in time via services such as The registrant of a domain name has no control over who collects their registration details and how this information used.

There are a number of valid reasons why this whois information is available for each domain, including:

  1. Marketing purposes (sending product updates, service updates, promotions etc)
  2. Viewing current status of a domain name i.e. whether it is registered, expired, deleted or available for registration
  3. Helping to trace any source of spamming or denial of service attacks
  4. Identifying individuals or organizations who own the domain name
  5. Helping authorities crack down on “immoral” websites

The problem of identity theft is extremely serious and the developed solution for this specific online version of it is known as the WHOIS Privacy service.

The WHOIS Privacy service, also known as Private domain registration, guarantees that private contact information is kept safe and invisible from rest of the world by providing domain registrants with anonymous contact information for their domain names.

In summary, WHOIS Privacy works in a similar way to having someone’s telephone number removed from the telephone directory thus preventing strangers from accessing the private details of the concerned person. Personal details are held confidentially by the Domain WHOIS Privacy service and are not exposed to any spying eyes.

With the internet being such an open book, available to most people, Whois Privacy provides you with some extra confidence and privacy.

If you are owner of a domain name with a com, .net, .org, .biz, .info, .cc or .tv domain extension, you can now benefit from WHOIS Privacy.

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